Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Miss Baking And Cooking

Baking is part of my life..

That is the most correct word I can say about baking and how much I love baking..
Maybe I'm not a chef and I'm not a baker but I really in love with baking and baking make me feel awesome and that is the only way I can express myself..

Today I feel soo terrible and sangat lah letih..
I spend all my time in my room studying <--- I know it's not me right..
Tapi dah jadi Budak MEDIC ni, tak kan lah tak study kot..
Kira melanggar hukum alam tu kalau student Medic tak study kan..

Dulu kalau rasa terrible je, I will spend all of my time with Baking but today I can't bake because I was in UMS and there is no kitchen or oven in here..
Oooh Gosh.. I really miss the smell of the muffin, the cute colour of my cupcake, the great taste of my egg tarts, the sweet taste of my moist chocolate cakes, the crunchiness of my chocolate chips cookies..
I really miss those moments where I wear my kawaii apron and ready for my great experiments and put all my efforts and strength just to make a marvelous dessert that craving everyone's appetites..

p/s : hope that one day I can make delicious cakes for all my friends.. ><

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