Saturday, November 17, 2012

Future Surgeon In The House !!!

WOW !!

Just looking by the tittle jer, mesti rasa macam amazing ja kan..

YES !!!

We really had a great time last Friday..
Kitaorang diajar about steps before enter Operation Theater..
Memang best sangat-sangat and I can feel that how awesome it is to be a Surgeon..
Kitaorang diajar about how to wash our hands, how to wipe our hands, how to wear mask and cap, how to wear glove and operation gown..
The most important things is how to make ourself CLEAN !!!
After we did all the steps yang I cakap tadi tu, we can't touch anything and just prepare for the Operation..

OMG !!
Tetibe jer teringat pasal Grey's Anatomy.. Citer tu memang my favourite..
Selalu sangat tengok and I really admire those Amazing Doctors but now I'm in their places..
Not really in their places because I'm just a MEDICAL STUDENT not a REAL DOCTOR yet..
but INSYAALLAH.. That day will come one day.. Please pray for my success k.. ;)

WAIT !!!
Before I end this post, I have something to share..
I want to tell something about HIM..

YES !! I know I never tell anything about HIM in here but now I think I'm ready to story mory abou HIM..
Hahahaha.. He just a person that I LIKE.. only LIKE and not more than that..
He also didn't know about my feeling and I will not gonna confess to HIM..
Nowadays my feelings towards HIM become more stronger.. I don't know why..
Maybe because I know more and more about HIS history..

Cukup sampai sini.. nanti I story mory lagi k..
Just wait for my next post k..
Before that, lets see our awesome Pictures wearing those awesome SURGEON's Outfit !!! ><

WAH !! Bergaya tak I ?? ada gaya SURGEON tak ??? Hehehe..

Saya ada 10 jari.. Korang semua ada ??? :-p

We Are Future SURGEON !!!

Me with O&G Dr. Fina.. Comel kan kitaorang.. ^_^

PEACE !!! 

P/S : Once again all the Pictures credit to O&G Dr. Fina Joe.. Thanks Dear coz let me copy those photos.. 


Nur Syafina Mohamed Johari said...

gmbr kte brdue mmg chumel... especially ak lettew... heheh

Izzati Yaacub said...

yer2..ko sgt comey fina..
tapi aku pon comel jugak.. ;)

Mas said...

wow..budak medic ea..hehe..BTW thanks follow my blog..kte kenal ke before ni? =)

Mas said...

wow..budak medic ea.,hehe..btw thanks follow my blog.. kte knl ke before ni? =)

Izzati Yaacub said...

yer..sama2..knal?? ntahlah..sya pon x sure.. tp klu blum knal, kita blh knal2.. :)

Izzati Yaacub said...

yer..sama2..knal?? ntahlah..sya pon x sure.. tp klu blum knal, kita blh knal2.. :)